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Let us take the E-Commerce hassle from you.

We take care of all the nitty-gritty work for your E-Commerce business, to allow you focus on your core business. We can;

  • Store your items in our State of the Art Warehouses to save cost on Storage.
  • Pick and Prep your items prior to shipment to your end customers, Amazon, Ebay Warehouses.
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Why choose Pick & Prep Services!


Multi-talented, Experienced FBA Staff, and passionate warehouse teams. we tailor our E-Commerce services according to your business target.


Our Core Values: Pick and Prep maintains a commitment to quality, integrity, and entrepreneurial Talent. Our solutions are administered by local specialists and ensure the ongoing success of our clients’ business objectives.


We are located in Baltimore, Maryland surrounded by several Amazon fulfillment centers (PA, DE, MD, VA); meaning your shipment won’t take more than 48 hours to get to their warehouses. It'll also cost you cheaper to ship your products to the nearest fulfillment center. Your shipment will be active on your amazon account within a week.


Pick and Prep was founded in 2010, and it is comprised of experienced staff who have in-depth knowledge of FBA, Merchant fulfillment, Storage, Pick, Prep and Ship services.

The warehouse team went above and beyond to get my shipment to Amazon Warehouse in less than a week. The fastest FBA Prep company out there..
Larry Denver
Pro Amazon Seller
Awesome service. Thank you very much. The process was very straight forward. I look forward to our next business.
Jenny Sanders

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