Pick and Prep


There are no upfront cost. Only pay for the pick & prep service you need. Our pricing structure allows you to pick and choose the services you need to keep your costs low at all time.

$0.60 per unit —————————-1 – 500 Units

$0.50 per unit ———————————-501 – 1000 Units

$0.40 per unit —————————-1001+ Units

Includes Receiving, Handling, 7 Days Free Storage, Basic Inspection, Product Count, Carton Labels, Shipping Labels, and Delivery to UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS

***Does not include $10.00 per shipment administrative fee.

***All prices does not include Shipping

Detailed Inspection ————–$0.50 per unit:  In addition to the Standard Prep Fee, this requires opening and testing each unit. 

Poly bagging————————— $0.20 per unit: Each unit will be placed into an FBA approved polybag.

Bubble Wrapping———————$0.20 per unit: Each unit will be placed in a bubble wrap according to FBA requirement.

FNSKU Labeling ——————$0.20 per unit: Printing and attachment of your ASIN/FNSKU to each unit.

Label Remover————————$0.20 per unit: Removal of conflicting labels on your items/packages/boxes.

Flash Fee ——————$0.10 per unit: Your product will jump the service queue.

Damaged Items Disposal————-$0.25 plus $0.05 disposal: Items that is unusable and can’t ship

***All prices does not include Shipping

1 Whole Pallet of Widgets (48×40) $30 /month

1 Whole Pallet of Widgets (42×42) $25 /month

Base Order Fee—————————-$0.60 per unit

Pick Fee————————————-$0.40 per unit

Marketing Inserts—————————$0.10 per unit

Re-boxing———————————–Custom Quote

***All prices does not include Shipping

20 ft container unloading fee – $300

40 ft/HC container unloading fee – $500

Custom quotes for any other type of prep not indicated in our service catalog. Just talk to us.

Frequently asked questions


Yes! We all started somewhere. No seller is too big or small for us.

We can accept local drop offs, small/large parcel (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS), freight, or shipping container.

8-48 Hours, completed during normal business hours.

Yes we do, if you require a large amount or extended storage please contact us for a quote.

Yes, we are currently accepting new clients. You can contact us here Link immediately.

Yes, but we only accept new products.

We take the privacy and security of your products and sources very seriously. An NDA  (non-disclosure agreement) is mandatory with our customers to ensure total privacy.

We do require Amazon user permissions for creating shipment plans on behalf of our customers, if request!!

We provide discounts on large job orders. Please contact us to find out more.

We will accept your inventory, but you will be responsible for the importation, customs duties and handling. If your product is being shipped through a carrier such as DHL or UPS they can handle the customs and duties on your behalf. Please consider leveraging services of a custom agent to ensure compliance with the Authorities.

Not a problem, we can be contacted here: Link